Countrw, or also Counter Web, is a free open-source platform to track and manage counters, built with Nuxt v3 and TailwindCSS, this utility aims to provide a privacy-first fast and responsive website to manage time-sensitive data.

Some of the valid use-cases for this tool are:

  • Tracking sessions that need to be done every period of time.
  • Tracking how many days has been since a treatment started.
  • Tracking how many times a task has been repeated.

All data is stored exclusively in your browser's Local Storage, please keep in mind that while this website does not upload any data to any server, I cannot guarantee that the data will remain safe if your PC were to be compromised. Furthermore, data is not synchronized between computers, if you desire to save, back-up, or transfer your data, simply use the buttons from the Main Page under Management. Otherwise copy or edit the raw JSON data from your Application → Local Storage → https://countrw.kyra.dev.

If this website lacks of a tool that you wish to use, or you encounter a problem, please open a new issue or Pull Request in the GitHub repository.